Across International 10 Liter Short Path Complete Turnkey Package

The all new Ai 10 liter short path turnkey system offers you the best glassware and equipment in the market.

Ai Clear10 short path distillation kit features

CAS SW-1 Series Legal For Trade Scale

5, 10, 20, and 50 lb capacities available

Clear Cultivation Covers

Available in 5 MIL, 8 MIL &14 MIL Thickness.

Credence Filling CCS-1000 cannabis and hemp thc and cbd vape cart CAPPING SYSTEM

CCS-1000 Cartridge Capping
System Specifications:

• Will cap any screw-on cap or any press-on cap

• Interchangeable tooling for the desired cap.

Credence Filling CFS-1000 Filling System cannabis and hemp thc and cbd vape cartridge filler

CFS-1000 Cartridge Filling System

• Oils it can deliver: All Types, Distillate, CO2,
CBD, CO2 Infused, etc.

Harvest Right Pharmaceutical Freeze

Available in Small, Medium or Large

Small Size Features:

Key Features & Benefits

Jute trellis netting in a cannabis greenhouse

Conscious Gardeners Jute Trellis Netting

Available in two sizes:

6.5ft x 150ft &

10ft x 150ft

SuperC Super Critical Extractor

The basic SuperC is an entry level supercritical fluid extractor (SFE) that can be used most anywhere with an electrical outlet. 

Sage Analytics Profiler II Humboldt Special Edition Potency Tester

The Profiler II (HSE) is built for the everyday potency testing needs of cannabis growers and extract processors alike.

Munch Machine bucking machine with bucket

The Munch Machine is the bucking machine you’ve been waiting for.

Python Hemp and Cannabis Trim Machine

Tom's Tumbler The Python: Industrial Trimmer, Separator and Extraction System


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