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Twister T6 Trimming Machine

The Twister is the world's fastest medical cannabis trimmer, equipped with the industry's most advanced proprietary blade geometry to deliver the closest cut possible without damaging your harvest. The tabletop Twister T6 is the ultimate in portability. Coming in at only 42 lbs, it is one of the lightest, most compact trimmers on the market. The T6, designed for quick trim sessions in the backyard, the garage, at a friends house, or discretely in the privacy of your own home, can trim up to 4 lbs of medical marijuana per hour.

Triminator Mini Dry Trimming Machine

Designed for growers who prefer to trim dry, the Mini Triminator Dry Trimming Machine has been specifically designed to be fast, quiet, and user-friendly. Smaller than the original Triminator, the Mini Triminator Dry Trimming Machine’s ergonomic design makes it the most user friendly machine on the market. Pivot it. Load it. Trim it. Trims 2-5 pounds an hour.


CenturionPro Conveyor Belts

Food Grade Stainless Steel and Aluminum Construction

TableTop Trimmer Conveyors

Infeed Conveyor Belt Dimensions:
36″ L x 2.5″ W

Infeed Conveyor Price
$2,100 USD

Output Conveyor Belt Dimensions (Quality Control Conveyor)
36″ L x 10″ W

Mini, Original & Silver Bullet Conveyors

Infeed Conveyor Belt Dimensions:
60″ L x 3.625″ W

Infeed Conveyor Price
$3,200 USD

Output Conveyor Belt Dimensions (Quality Control Conveyor)
60″ L x 12″ W

Mobius M108 Cannabis and Hemp Wet/Dry Trim Machine

The original, revolutionary design that started it all.

Built for commercial-scale cannabis and hemp cultivators who demand the very best performance from their trim team. The M108 is a completely unique and effective machine that fits perfectly within a GMP-certified facility. Whether you’re trimming wet or dry, trimming cannabis or hemp, the M108 is a welcome addition and powerful trimming solution to a modern harvesting workflow.

Mobius M108S Trim Machine


The M108S is built with our all-new Spring Tension Technology. Offering the same functionality and industry-leading trim quality that you’ve come to depend on — but with an extremely simplified workflow for your harvesting team.

While the air pressure of the original M108 required operators to accurately tension the tumbler themselves, the M108S uses spring technology to automatically provide accurate and consistent tumbler tension while your M108S is in use.


Tom’s Tumbler™ TTT 2100 Dry Trimmer, Separator and Extraction System

Tom's Tumbler is the original bladeless trimmer/separator/extraction system.

Process 1-3 pounds per 3-5 minute cycle; 12-18 pounds per hour.

It is hands down the most gentle, effective, and fast trimmer on the market. When used properly, hand trimmed quality is easily achieved. Cut labor costs and save up to 80% to 90% of your time and money while maintaining the quality of a hand trimmer. The TTT 2100 System is perfect for medium to large size growers and processors. The TTT 2100 is one of our newest models.

CenturionPro Tabletop Trimming Machine

The CenturionPro Tabletop cannabis trimming machine is masterfully engineered to be the most efficient and delicate tumble style trimmer in the world. Sitting at 24″ in length X 10″ wide X 21″ high and only weighing 35lbs, this new innovation is built for home marijuana trimming.


Trim in your backyard, garage, discretely in your home or anywhere else you can think of.


Both the body and main components of the Tabletop bud trimmer are made entirely from Anodized Aluminum and Stainless steel.

CenturionPro Mini

The CenturionPro Mini trimmer is a powerhouse in a small package and is one of the most sought-after cannabis trimming machines on the market. Don’t be fooled by the name, this miniature version of the original CenturionPro marijuana trimmer, packs quite the punch.


Sitting at a 25″ in length X 10″ wide X 24″ high and only weighing 65lbs, the Mini Pro is built for medium sized operations.





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