Triminator Dry Trimming Machine

Red and silver Triminator Trimming Machine

Designed for growers who prefer to trim dry, the Triminator Dry Trimming Machine has been specifically designed to be fast, quiet, and user-friendly. The ergonomic design makes the Triminator the most user friendly machine on the market. Pivot it. Load it. Trim it. Couldn't be easier.


  • No lubrication needed
  • Minimal friction reduces resin loss and stickiness
  • The long narrow drum maximizes available cutting surface
  • The perfect cutting speed is slow enough to maintain the integrity of the trichomes yet fast enough to cut
  • Set it and forget it timer
  • Tool free disassembly

Turn your bud trimmer into a kief extractor seamlessly with the optional Triminator Kief Kit. Easily swap out your dry trimmer drum with the kief tumbler drum in seconds (sold separately).

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