Color Remediation Column

The CRC is a secondary column used as a filtration cartridge for hydrocarbon and ethanol extraction systems.

Filter medias are packed in the column above a triple filtration stack, which aids in the removal of impurities from extracted oils. The CRC features a bypass path, allowing the operator to skip the column in case of a clog.

The color remediation process is made simple by bundling the cartridge with the needed filter medias. We have paired the unit with suggested media, supplied in the proper ratio, and a standard operating procedure. The included procedure takes all the guesswork out of filtration, delivering the desired results the first try.

The CRC is a 4" x 12" spool with triple filter plates and rack mounting. Choose 1/4", 3/8" or 1/2" valves and flares.

This Kit Includes:

Color Remediation Column

Rack Mounting

100 pack of 2, 8, and 20-micron filter papers

500g or 1 kg of Activated Alumina

500g or 1 kg of Silica 60

1kg or 2kg of T5 Bentonite Clay

500g or 1 kg of Celpure p1000

Instruction Manual


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