CAS PB150 Legal For Trade Scale

CAS PB-150 series portable bench scale offers an adaptable method for wet weight harvest solutions.

CAS PB-150 portable bench scale has a detachable display indicator which could be viewed around a large box or any other object that would normally obscure sight of the display indicator.

The CAS PB-150 portable bench scale is a dual range platform scale. When the total weight on the platform is from 0-60 pounds the weight indicator will increment in 0.02 lbs graduation. Once the weight on the platform exceeds 60 pounds all the way up to the maximum weighing capacity of 150 lbs the scale's indicator will increment in 0.05 lbs divisions.

This commercial scale is popular with farmers picking crops in the field like tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms and other fruits and vegetables. When farmer owners are paying their pickers by the pound they need a portable legal for trade scale to weigh boxes in the field. They also need a scale for packing in the field so each carton weighs the specified 20 or 30 lbs per carton.

Since there is no power typically in the field they require a battery operated digital scale. Also to comply with the requirements Weights and Measures officials that all weighing must be done on a NTEP Approved Scale the CAS PB150 meets the requirements.

The CAS PB150 is lightweight weighing under 14 pounds and the built in carrying handle makes it ideal for field use. If you are weighing a large box that might cover the display then you can detach the weight indicator from the handle. The LCD display has a backlight to improve viewing of the weight readings.

Light weight and easy to carry! Equipped with a large LCD display which is also detachable for easy viewing. The PB Series can be connected to DEP-50 Receipt Printer via RS-232C interface. This portable bench scale is perfect for shipping & receiving, hospitals, schools & fitness centers.

Some other features include:

Weighs in kg or lb

50% tare value

6-Digit LCD display

Runs on AC adapter or four (4) C size batteries

300 hrs of continuous use (Alkaline Batteries)

Portable with easy to carry handle

RS-232C interface


Detachable display

Auto power-off

Auto zero tracking

Legal for trade

Available Optional Accessories at an additional cost:

DEP-50 Receipt Printer

Epson TM-U295 Slip Printer

Wall Mount

CAS-USA Corporation offers a range of reliable bench scales, portion control and price computing scales with ideal features that are adaptable to a wide range of applications. From simple weighing scales to an advanced multi-function scales, CAS provides products that are available in an extensive range of sizes and capacities to suit your working environment.

Choose the right PB Series bench scale that fits your application. The are 3 different models available

CAS PB-150 - 0-60 x 0.02 lbs / 60-150 x 0.05 lbs

CAS PB-300 - 0-150 x 0.05 lbs / 150-300 x 0.1 lbs

CAS PB-500 - 0-250 x 0.1 lbs / 250-500 x 0.2 lbs

Each digital bench scale offers operators convenience and reliability, all designed with sturdy, easy-to-clean bases and highly-visible displays.

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