Credence Filling CCS-1000 CAPPING SYSTEM

CCS-1000 Cartridge Capping
System Specifications:

• Will cap any screw-on cap or any press-on cap

• Interchangeable tooling for the desired cap.

• Press-On side foot pedal operated.

• Throughput Potential: Up to 1000 devices per

• Air Pressure Regulated. 100 psi .5 CFM

• Manual Insert into Nest.

• Rotary Side variable speed control.

• 24V DC power wall transformer supplied.

• Vacuum cup available when using screw-on
side. (Feet to be removed when using vacuum

• Manually load cap and place upward into
rotating nest.

• Throughput potential up to 1200 per hour on
rotary side.

• Available as just a Rotary, Just a Press-On, or a
Dual System.

• Shipping Weight 11 lbs.

Included with the CCS-1000:
• 1 CFS-1000M Filling System
• 1 24V DC Wall Transformer
• 1 Foot Pedal Assembly
• Pneumatic Tubing
• Air Regulator
• Nests for Standard Caps and Duckbill

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