Across International Fully Customizable 100L Single Jacketed Glass Reactor

Ai R-series single/dual jacketed glass reactors are designed for synthetic reaction of different types of materials in a controlled temperature and vacuum environment. Each reactor features adjustable stirring speeds and a constant pressure feeding funnel that allows you to add material to the vessel at a uniform and controlled speed. The built-in condenser makes it possible to recover some materials, also at a controlled rate of speed.


UL 61010-1 and CSA C22.2 certified (optional)

The Medicine Wheel Tumbler

5000 Gram Cryogenic Tumbler

Designed with you in mind, our 5000g cryo-tumbler is commercial sifting at its finest. Each machine is hand crafted with great attention to detail. We’ve carefully vetted each durable part for its efficiency, strength, and longevity. 

We use a powerful 90 volt ‘Dayton’ DC gear motor. High torque with a 67 pound overhung load capacity with  ‘Dart’ speed controller, zero to 30 rpm with a turn of the dial. The motors never slip and will not let you down. 

Molecular Sieve Beads 4A (Indicating)

Molecular sieve is a synthetically crystalline metal alumosilicate zeolite.

Molecular sieve particles have a uniform pore structure that enables molecular sieve to separate molecules by size. This pore structure provides a high capacity for water absorption at very low humidity levels while allowing molecular sieve to retain a higher percentage of moisture capacity at elevated temperatures.

This molecular sieve is indicating and will change color when saturated.

Activated Alumina

Activated alumina Is a high-surface-area, highly porous form of aluminum oxide. It can adsorb gases and liquids without changing its form. It works as a desiccant through adsorption. As air enters into the pores of the alumina, the water in the air becomes trapped and the air that continues to pass through an activated alumina filter is dried out.  Even if immersed in a liquid, Activate Alumina will not fall apart or soften.

Molecular Sieve Beads

Molecular sieves are synthetically produced crystalline metal alumino silicates that have been activated for adsorption by removing their water of hydration. Unlike other adsorbents, molecular sieves have a precise uniform size and molecular dimension. According to the size of these pores, molecules may be readily adsorbed, slowly adsorbed or completely excluded.

Degumming Enzyme

Degumming Enzyme Powder or (D-Gum) is excellent for breaking down phosphatides into separate parts. This powder can achieve separation via hydration of the phospholipids, which breaks them down without the use of any alkalines or acids.

The product is organic (and non-toxic), making it especially useful for working with end products designed for human consumption.

Hochstrom Dual Plate Kit

The Hochstrom High Flow Filter is the fastest unit on the market. It’s unique design allows it to operate under half vacuum pressure for full flow. Our peers & customers have reported the high flow surface area to be equivalent to a 18-24″ table-top unit. These units have a huge basin, but small holes, really preventing it from being efficient for it’s size. A table top or small buchner filtration unit will have flow issues due to the solution warming up & redissolving past the filtration medium.

Hochstrom Filter

Step into the future of filtration with the Hochstrom Filter. This unique technology is the industries highest free flowing filter with Lifetime warranty. This is the LAST FILTRATION APPARATUS YOU WILL EVER BUY. No more glass, no more broken or chipped frits and absolutely no warped or low end plastic/ceramic garbage units. 100% made in USA and built to outperform anything on the market. Comes with dual O-ring seals that stay lubricated for smoothly securing the papers. With aerospace grade parts, it easy to say this is the most advanced lab filtration on the market today.

Summit Research Pig Filter

This filtration system will increases your flow and save you time instantly! High efficiency and mega yields.

This patented made in USA (pressurized inert gas) PIG filtration system eats material. At an idle flow of 500 gallons per hour under winterization temperatures reported speeds exceeding 8 gallons per minute of filtration power. The PIG comes with 500 pieces of the 35 micron standard paper.



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We Also Sell

We Also Sell


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  • Parchment paper (various sizes)
  • DividerPro silicone accessories
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