The Medicine Wheel Tumbler

5000 Gram Cryogenic Tumbler

Designed with you in mind, our 5000g cryo-tumbler is commercial sifting at its finest. Each machine is hand crafted with great attention to detail. We’ve carefully vetted each durable part for its efficiency, strength, and longevity. 

We use a powerful 90 volt ‘Dayton’ DC gear motor. High torque with a 67 pound overhung load capacity with  ‘Dart’ speed controller, zero to 30 rpm with a turn of the dial. The motors never slip and will not let you down. 

Each drum is wrapped with medical grade, t316, stainless steel screen and has a 5000 gram capacity. When it comes to sifting, medical grade stainless steel screen has proven itself superior to all other screen types  and comes with the added benefit of very rarely, if ever, needing replaced. 

We worked with an engineer to design a safe and simple way to utilize liquid Co2 extraction with our tumblers. No need for dry ice, the liquid Co2 flash freeze system keeps your product icy cold while the machine works. Custom made cryogenic hose, rated for high pressure and extreme temps, attached with all stainless steel fittings. Blast the interior of the machine with liquid Co2 and see better returns with shorter run times. Sift in the heat of summer with no fear of clogging or poor yields.

Collecting finished product is a breeze. The trap door in the bottom of the machine funnels finished product into a stainless steel collection tray where it can be removed for further processing or stored for later.

With or without the use of liquid Co2, this machine stands apart from all others and gives the user complete control of the sifting process. Every aspect of the design has been developed to make commercial solventless extraction simple yet efficient. The 5000g tumbler does the work so you don’t have to. 


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