Citric Acid

99.9% Pure citric acid (11-12 lbs) in a 3.5 gallon bucket. Food and laboratory-grade material. All organic non-GMO. USA manufactured powder.

Used to balance distilled water for salt water and saline washes

EZ-Gum Removal

4 part ‘EZ-Gum Removal’ is to be added between 1/2g-1g : 1kg organic raw extract. This will initiate gum removal of phospholipids, phosphatides and metabolic absorbtion through enzymatic reactions. This blend of USA engineered powder enzyme of phospho A-C is for hydrolyzing phopholipids in solution with an added bonus of metabolizer for highest efficiency coagulation and group drop out of gumming compounds found prior to distillation. This powder can be added to distilled water first, or added directly to the raw extract resin that has been pre filtered prior to degumming.

Mag-Sil PR 7 Gallon

Mag-Sil PR Absorbent for Chromatography is an absorbent for the separation of lipids and is a commercially prepared magnesia-silica gel. MagSil has a coarse mesh size which helps with rapid flow rate for column chromatography. It's main benefit is pesticide removal from extracted plant material and will dramatically improve the color and clarity of the material. It also has the provided benefit to bind to polar water-soluble compounds which can be filtered out through a 20-micron mesh screen.

Canna Bleach

Canna Bleach is a blended T-41 media with a sitting PH of 2-3. Acid activated bleaching clay that when used 5-30% in your boiling flask will achieve Delta 8.

2kg net weight.



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We Also Sell


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