Next Gen High Country Series Greenhouse

The Next G3N High Country is equally as strong as it is extremely efficient in design. The rollformed arches and purlins are proven to be substantially stronger, cheaper and lighter than standard tubing commonly found in competitors’ greenhouses. This 30’ wide structure features 12’ post spacing, 8’ tall sidewalls and is engineered to meet a 30lb ground snow load.

Covering: 8mm White/Black/White Twinwall Polycarbonate endwalls, Motorized Rollup sidewalls, 6mil Solarig Woven-Poly roof

Automated 13’ Tall Light Deprivation System, HAF fans, Exhaust fans, and Motorized Inlet Shutters w/ Light Traps

Width: 30’ and 60’; Length: 48’, 72’, 96’, and 120’

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