Extraction Contraption Pro

The Extraction Contraption Pro system is a revolutionary advancement in carbon dioxide essence extraction. This botanical extraction system offers a safe and labor-free process that harnesses the sub-zero temperatures of dry ice along with centrifugal force to easily and efficiently extract the essence of any plants that contain trichomes. These include, but are not limited to lavender, rosemary, cannabis, mint and chili pepper plants. Reliable, well built and designed to maximize efficiency and purity, the Extraction Contraption by Friendly Farms, yields top quality botanical extracts.


  • Friendly Farms Brand
  • Revolutionary carbon dioxide botanical essence extraction
  • Utilizes sub-zero temperatures via dry ice and centrifugal force
  • High quality stainless steel components include: funnel, collection chamber, kettle insert
  • Plant material exposed ONLY to stainless steel surfaces
  • Includes 150 micron extractor filter, chamber press extractor funnel clamps
  • Requires an additional cement mixer component (not included)
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