Triminator KIRPY CBD Hemp Harvester

The KIRPY CBD Hemp Harvester is an automatic, whole plant harvester for cutting, notching, and loading entire CBD hemp plants. 

Capable of processing up to 5 acres per day, the KIRPY CBD Hemp Harvester makes quick work of large-scale hemp crops.

Rapid Harvests

Harvest up to 5 Acres per Day

Process up to 5 acres of CBD hemp or cannabis in a single day all while keeping the plants off the ground and structurally pristine.

Sized for Production

Harvest CBD hemp with a stalk diameter of up to 3″ and a height of up to 6.5′.  Designed to for commercially grown CBD hemp flowers.

Auto Loading

Quickly load a follow trailer or truck for rapid harvesting with minimal labor.  With a total working width of over 12 feet and height adjustment of over 3 feet the CBD hemp harvester can be matched to most tractors and trailers.

Built for Hemp

Tested and Refined

After rigorously testing the original KIRPY tobacco harvester on hemp, the machine was re-engineered and strengthened to meet the unique demands of the hemp plant.  The result is the KIRPY CBD hemp harvester, designed and built from the ground up for fast, worry-free hemp harvests.

Flexible Configurations

Designed for tractors with a PTO drive and 40 HP, the CBD hemp harvester can be raised and lowered to adapt to field and crop conditions.  The CBD hemp harvester can handle flat and sloping terrain.

Speed Notching

Automatically notch the stalks for quick hanging and rapid drying.

Trusted Worldwide

Built to Last

With over 25 years of experience in tobacco harvesting, the KIRPY CBD Hemp Harvester is built for the rigors of commercial farms. 

The Best Depend on KIRPY

KIRPY counts among its clients:

Souza Cruz

Philip Morris

JTI Tobacco

Alliance Tobacco

With over 1000 machines sold worldwide, the KIRPY harvester is time-tested and farmer proven.

Max Plant Height 6 ft

Max Stem Diameter 3 in

Stalks/Hour 2200

Area/Day 5 Acres

Cutting Height 1.5 in


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