DeBudder Edge

The DeBudder Edge saves time and money when manually bucking flowers while processing your harvest.

Suited for home-based and/or commercial operations, the DeBudder Edge is an effective manual bucking tool that mounts to wood, plastic or metal tables. With 10 mounting points the DeBudder Edge is sturdy and strong.

The DeBudder Bucket Lid is made of plastic and is a single solid piece that mounts to work tables. It features 6 unique stem channels to handle all lengths, sizes and shapes of stems. It is easy to clean and does not damage buds.

This affordable device makes processing botanicals faster and more efficient. Use this ingenious new tool to buck the buds off stems fast! The DeBudder Edge also works great when mounted onto plastic totes and bins.

Directions: Use on fresh green buds or wait until the drying room is at 57 – 63 percent humidity. This is the perfect time to remove the buds from the stems. Attach the DeBudder Edge to any work surface above an appropriate collection container using the provided screws. While holding the bottom of stem, insert stem pointing away from your body into an appropriately sized notch. With a firm grip, quickly pull stem back and downwards in one smooth motion. Buds fall gently into container. Empty container as needed.


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