Thompson & Duke Manual Filling Machine

The Manual Filler is a Semi-Automatic, foot pedal operated Filling Machine. The Manual Filling Machine is easy-to-use and precisely dispenses up to 1mL of product per stroke into a vessel of your choosing.

The Patent Pending Manual Filling Machine is a foot-pedal operated fluid dispensing system designed and built by expert American automation engineers in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Adaptive Feed Control

Digital temperature control and feedback based on viscosity allow for real-time temperature adjustments. Visual dispense feedback lets you know when you are ready to fill. The Manual FIller supports high viscosity fluid without a pressure pot.

Precision Pedal Operation

Precisely fill up to 1mL per pedal stroke. Never over-fill. Simply and quickly adjust the fill volume. Need to top off? That’s easy too, simply press and release the pedal as needed for a partial-fill and the Manual Filler will automatically reset for another dispense.

Laboratory Grade

Safe, laboratory grade, replaceable components make switching between product simple and affordable while the 140ml capacity, heated product reservoir can be filled dynamically during operation.

Portable & Safe

Lightweight, portable benchtop design requires only 120V AC power and 40psi compressed air, making setup, operation, and cleanup safe, quick, and painless.

American Made & Customizable

Designed, assembled, and distributed in the United States of America with the highest quality controls, components, and stainless steel; each Manual Filler can be customized to your specification.

Foot pedal operated pneumatic controls

Quickly adjust the Delivery System to fill any volume up to 1ml per stroke

Volumetric product delivery with adjustable flow rate

Laboratory grade, replaceable components. Switch between fluids in seconds!

Flexible for use with different form factors and other containers

Supports high viscosity fluid without using a pressure pot

The 140ml Product Reservoir can be filled dynamically during operation

Heated Delivery System and Product Reservoir up to 200F (93C)

Automatic digital temperature control

Syringe fill adapter included

Integrated pressure regulator and optional Air Filter

Portable benchtop design with adjustable height

Aluminum and Stainless Steel construction

Less than 1 ml loss during product changeover


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