Soil Blockers

Maxi 4" makes one 4" block

Mini 2" makes four 2" blocks

Multi 12 makes twelve 2" blocks

In Europe, free-standing blocks of soil, rather than peat pots or seed flats, are almost universally used for starting vegetable and flower seeds

Mini 2" and Multi 12 make square blocks for medium-seeded vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Easy to use. Moisten soil mix, push block maker down, turn back and forth, and lift. Set filled block maker into a tray squeeze, and release. Has standard dibbles that make small depressions in the tops of soil blocks for seeds.

Maxi 4" makes one huge 4" block with a 2" square dibble to receive 2'" size soil blocks. Great for larger plants like tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, melons, and cucumbers, and for late transplanting.

It is important to keep the soil blocks well watered with a fine mist.

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