Pure Pressure Automated Pressure Control Upgrade Kit

Unparalleled rosin press pressure control, all from the Pressware™ screen - increase by as little as 1 PSI at a time or simply set the PSI to whatever you want

The new "Warmup" features allows you to pause the position of your plates wherever you'd like so that you can pre-warm your bag, like a hydraulic rosin press

Pick a bag size, a material type, and the system will do the rest for you with its professionally crafted rosin recipes that make it almost too easy

Make your own recipes and set the pressure stages, the press will run hands-off whatever you set it to

This upgrade kit is available for all PurePressure rosin presses as a one time, plug-and-play upgrade, which runs on our Pressware™ system.

With the Automated Pressure Control upgrade kit, a PurePressure press will literally help train you how to use it with its preset recipes. Tested on 6* bubble hash, the system offers a slew of new features for experts to take advantage of as well, including the new warmup pre-press option. 

If you're upgrading your PurePressure rosin press, shipping and handling both ways is included in the Upgrade Existing Press option


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