Oil Mist Element for Edwards MF30 Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter

One replacement oil mist element for Edwards MF30 vacuum pump exhaust oil mist filters. (filter element only, MF30 filter and accessories NOT included)

The MF30 mist filter has a cast aluminium body. The filter element is made from epoxy impregnated glassfibre, stainless steel and nickel-plated mild steel. The exhaust gases from the pump enter the inlet of the filter and then pass down through the centre of the filter element.

The filter element separates and traps the oil mist and the trapped oil drains into the base of the mist filter. The oil-free exhaust gases are then discharged through the mist filter outlet. The body of the mist filter has a sight-glass so that you can see the level of oil trapped in the mist filter. The body also has a drain-plug so that you can drain the trapped oil from the filter.

Designed to be used with the Edwards E2M28 rotary vane vacuum pumps


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