Pure Pressure Pikes Peak LCD Touchscreen Upgrade Kit

Directly compatible with ALL existing Pikes Peak rosin presses

Quick, easy installation

Full color touch screen controls

Extends your electrical system warranty a full additional year

Pressware™ Overview

With the new Pressware™ technology, you can take your Pikes Peak rosin press further than ever before. Here are just some of things you can do:

Crystal Clear Full Color Touchscreen

PurePressure's LCD touch screens are in a class of their own when it comes to rosin presses. With a beautiful full color display you have more insight than ever before, including at-the-bag pressure readings with pre-set bag sizes. 

Control Every Variable

From temperature and time to multiple pressure stages and more, controlling every aspect of your Pikes Peak rosin press is better than ever. You can even change your settings from Imperial to Metric. Tap, save, press. 

Save Up To 30 Recipes

Once you dial in how you want to press your flower, kief, or hash, repeat those results 100% consistently every time. Name, store, and save up to 30 pre-determined instructions which can be as simple or as granular with your settings as you can dream of.

Intuitive Menus 

Navigating and using the Pressware™ system is extremely simple. Everything is right in front of you, so no digging around to find your last run data, quick press, or to load your favorite recipes. Perfecting your pressing process has never been easier.

As a part of the upgrade, you will receive an entirely new electrical panel and touchscreen housing.

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