Lab Society Terpene Distillation Kit

Makes for a great essential oil distiller kit!

We’ve spent years designing and developing the perfect steam distillation system, sourcing the world’s best components, and creating custom pieces of glassware to create the ideal solution.

The result is our own original creation, the Lab Society Terpene Distillation Kit. This kit is backed by our outstanding technical support and the Lab Society warranty.


Everything you need for the steam distillation of terpenes

American-made glassware & controllers

Industrial-grade components

Custom-engineered design

Easy to use and affordable

Separate and condense your desired fractions

Biomass chamber included

Designed with efficiency in mind.

We understand that for a working laboratory, efficiency is key. With simple assembly and ease of use, this kit will save you time and money!

Our terpene distillation kit contains all the elements needed for inert gas or steam distillation of terpenes, aside from an inert tank/regulator. Steam or inert gas is pushed through a unique fitted down stem, into a round bottom flask.

This allows for a more even flow of steam or inert gas, which translates to better yields and less degradation. Distilled water is added to the bottom of the reaction flask to cool down the steam or inert gas depending on your needs. The result is a highly pure isolation.

American-made glassware & controllers.

Every key component of this steam distillation kit is American designed and American manufactured. We’ve seen the problems that arise with cheap, foreign-made components. In the end, constant breakage and replacement parts undo any short-term gains you might make.

Industrial-grade components.

The difference between consumer-grade and professional-grade equipment is that the former is just for show, and the latter is relied upon to get the job done time and again. Some of our customers have reported running our equipment non-stop for not just hours, but days on end.

Rugged durability is something that we take very seriously in all our glassware and controllers.

Custom-engineered design.

Our custom-engineered glassware designs are what keep us at the forefront of the industry. This complete, turnkey system includes all accessories necessary for you to extract the most sought-after terpenes on the market, from flowers, herbs, or even fruit!

Zoom in on the image to see for yourself: This kit is high quality.

From the glassware to the joints to the way it all seamlessly integrates, we’ve used data-driven analysis to come up with the most robust terpene extraction and isolation system out there. We don’t just slap our logo on anything – All Lab Society originals are like a work of art to us.

We’ve honed, refined, and redefined every piece of this kit until we got it right. We know you’ll appreciate the difference in your own laboratory.

Easy to use & affordable.

The Lab Society Terpene Distillation Kit is a high-quality, easy to use, and affordable way to extract low boiling point compounds such as terpenes.

Utilizing an external steam (or nitrogen) generator, gas is pushed through a fritted down-stem, which has the option to be completely submerged in water. This percolation effect causes the gas to cool down before rising towards the biomass flask.

Separate and condense your desired fractions.

Once fully energized, the gas carries the low boiling point compounds through the distillation arm to be condensed within the Graham Condenser. Condensed liquid is then caught in a distilled, water-filled oil/water separator or a separatory funnel, depending on the specific rig. The fractions can then be separated by means of their relative densities.

The nitrogen variant of this terpene distillation kit must use the Vertical Vacuum Take Off Adapter in conjunction with a Separatory Funnel and a vacuum pump in order to function properly!

Biomass chamber included.

The separate biomass chamber, in conjunction with the option to cool the gas, helps reduce the chance of dragging unwanted products into the condenser.

The included graham condenser has a larger cooling area, which allows for faster condensation of highly volatile terpenes.

A note on this steam distillation kit:

This terpene distillation kit requires a recirculating cooling device to cool the Graham Condenser; Couple this unit with the Lab Society Recirculating Condenser Kit (LS-BTK-4P) or any recirculating chiller. As always, the colder the temperature you can achieve, the better your chance of condensing volatile compounds.*

Be advised that this kit will require the use of a chiller, and we carry many models of chillers in stock for you to choose from. Lab Society recommends the LS-BTK-4P for steam, and for inert gas, an actual chiller would be preferred.

*The nitrogen kit requires the use of a vacuum and a nitrogen tank, both of which are not included.

System Specifications

Steam Reservoir Size: 4.9 Liters

Material Reservoir Size: 5 Liters

System Requirements

Cooling for Graham Condenser: Pair with LS-BTK-4P, C15, or any recirculating chiller

System And Electrical Parameters

Glassware: Meets ASTM specification E438, Type 1, Class A, and is made from Kimble Kimax or Schott Duran glass

Steam Generator: 1500 watts, Two thermal protectors



Steam Generator: UL Listed 2B64


Glassware: Meets ASTM specification E438, Type 1, Class A, and is made from Kimble Kimax or Schott Duran glass


What's in the Box?

LS Flow Control Adapter

LS Lab Pad, 4"

LS Separatory Funnel -60 ml

LS Vertical Vacuum Take Off Adapter, GL-14

LS Round Bottom Flask, 2L, 2-Neck Angled

LS Biomass Flask, 5L

LS Oil/Water Separator

LS Graham Condenser

LS Steam Injection Port Tube

LS Distillation Arm

Hollow Hex Head Stopper

Support Clamp, 2 Prong Cork Lined, Bosshead (3)

Boss Head, Right Angle, Premium (4)

Retort Ring, 10cm ID

Keck Clip, Metal 24/40 (5)

Keck Clip, Metal 45/50 (1)

Keck Clip, Plastic 14/20 (1)

Ring Stand, 10" x 6" Premium (2)

Steam Generator SS77

Silicone 5/16" ID Tubing (5 ft.)

Filter Paper, Medium 12.5cm

Beaker, Griffin, 1000mL

Glass Vials, Amber 15mL (4)

Steam Generator SS77

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