Cascade CVO-5 PRO Package

CVO-5 PRO Package
The CVO-5 PRO Package pairs our CVO-5 vacuum oven with the Agilent IDP7 5.4 cfm oil free scroll pump and our fast MAX EVAP connection kit.  It’s an ideal benchtop set-up for high production vacuum drying or purging. The Agilent scroll pump pulls deep vacuum to 5 x 10-2 torr range and has a low cost of ownership. It can be maintained and cleaned in house.

Vacuum oven and pump are connected via our MAX EVAP connection – giving water, solvents, surfactants, any outgassing material the largest exit path off the product and out of the oven. The MAX EVAP connection kit features a large 1″ diameter oven exit port, KF-25 lines and a KF-25 precision adjustable vacuum valve to reduce purge and dry times.

The CVO-5 vacuum oven offers incredible temperature stability for vacuum drying and purging of pharmaceuticals, botanicals, slurries, or any temperature sensitive material. This vacuum oven will liberate solvents, water or other unwanted compounds in a small batch, R&D, laboratory environments.

Both oven and pump can run off a single dedicated 120V / 1ph / 20 AMP circuit.

Processing Temperature Sensitive Material? The CVO-5 comes in both low temp & high temp versions.

Be sure to get the low temp CVO-5 version that has excellent temperature uniformity for products such as pharmaceuticals, slurries or any product that can be damaged or destroyed by temperature fluctuations.

Low Temperature Processing Range:  26°F to 250°F (121°C)
Temperature Uniformity: +/- 1.5°F @ 105°F (40.5°C)
Temperature Stability: +/- 0.4°F @ 105°F(40.5°C)

High Temperature Processing Range:  Up to  428°F / 220°C
Temperature Uniformity: +/- 6.5% of setpoint

At time of order we will verify the high / low temp version best suited to your requirements.

CVO-5 PRO Package Includes

CVO-5 vacuum oven

5 removable, height adjustable aluminum shelves

The clean, quiet Agilent IDP7, 5.4 CFM oil-free scroll vacuum pump

Cascade’s MAX EVAP Connection Kit

CVO-5 Vacuum Oven Features

NRTL Certified by TUV

5 each adjustable shelves

Stable temperature control. Digital temperature readout with temp sensor INSIDE the oven

Solvent resistant BUNA door gasket

Bright LED lights in window for visibility of sensitive material

Touchscreen LED Control Panel with adjustable settings

Smooth, quarter-turn vacuum and vent valves

Energize vacuum pump from control panel

Rear KF-25 port allows for rapid MAX EVAP purging or running feedthroughs inside oven for monitoring

120V or 220V power options are available

Quality Tempered Rated Glass NGI-US to ANSI Z97.1.2007  156CFR/201 11  SGCC -2577 ½ UA

Adjustable leveling feet insure your unit sits solid and level in the workspace

Agilent IDP7 Oil-Free Scroll Pump Features

Less noisy that diaphragm or oil-rotary vane pumps

No Inlet / Exhaust Filters Required

Hour Meter For Tracking Service Intervals

1 Year Warranty

NRTL Certified

Expert Rebuild/Maintenance Available from Cascade

Maintenance is the replacement of a single interior tip seal. Order our IDP7 Tip Seal Replacement Kit or ask us about our maintenance service.

Pull Deeper Vacuum / Better Vapor Tolerance With Two Gas Ballast Positions.The IDP-7 has two gas ballast ports that assist the pump in handling condensable gases such as water vapor, or other gaseous products that become liquids or solvents when reaching atmospheric pressure. With neither of the gas ballast ports open, the IDP-7 has a base pressure of 20 mTorr.

Port in position 1 provides for ~ 12 grams per hour of water vapor pumping, and limits the base pressure of the pump to not less than 200 mTorr.

Port in position 2 provides for ~ 120 grams per hour of water vapor pumping, and limits the base pressure of the pump to not less than 1 Torr.

110V – 120V / 1ph / 14A  50/60Hz
Cord Included
NEMA 5-15 Cord/Outlet

1105 BTU/hr
Rating at max power

220V – 240V / 1ph / 7A 50/60Hz
Cord Included
NEMA 6-15R Cord/Outlet

1228 BTU/hr
Rating at max power

100-120 VAC, 1PH, 50/60 HZ, 6 A typical
200-240 VAC, 1PH,  50/60 HZ, 3 A typical

KF-16 Flange with 8′ Tubing
Exhaust to Fresh Air Source

MODEL CVO-5 (CVO-5) Specifications

4.5 Cubic Ft.

18”W x 24”D x 18”H
457mm x 609mm x 457mm

26.5” W x 34.5” D x 32.3”H
673mm x 876mm x 819mm

Low Temperature Processing Range: 26°F to 250°F (121°C)
Temperature Uniformity: +/- 1.5°F @ 105°F (40.5°C)
Temperature Stability: +/- 0.4°F @ 105°F(40.5°C)
Heat Up / Stabilization Time to 250°F: 120 minutes (to minimize overshoot)

High Temperature Processing Range: to 428°F / 220°C available
Temperature Uniformity: +/- 6.5% of setpoint

Ambient laboratory conditions can affect temp performance

¼ Turn Lever

¼ Turn Lever

LED Strips (Rated to 150C)

Tempered NGI-US to ANSI Z97.1.2007

Reads in inches mercury or torr (Selectable)

Touch Screen
Accurate Within 1°F
Independent Overtemp Failsafe

PORTS (Rear)
Vacuum = 3/8th Barb
Vent = ¼” Barb
Auxiliary KF-25 Port
Data:  Log temp & vacuum levels

Yes. Via ¼” Vent Barb
15 psi max inlet pressure

110V – 120V / 1ph / 14A  50/60Hz
Cord Included
NEMA 5-15 Power Outlet

220V – 240V / 1ph / 7A 50/60Hz
Cord Included
NEMA 6-15R Power Outlet

Adjustable Height
5 Each Included / 8 Max
50lbs Per Shelf Max
Area – 215 Cubic Inches

5 Shelves
20 Clips
4 Leveling Feet
Power Cord

18” x 18”
Solvent Resistant BUNA Standard
221°F to 105°C Rated

High Temp Silicone – Optional
Rated to 446°F to 230°C

Viton – Optional
Rated to 401°F to 205°C

360 lbs / 163.3 Kg
449 lbs / 207.3 Kg

41”L x 41”W x 45”H
Class 85

ISO 9001
NRTL TUV #U8 170464972 077
CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 61010-1:2012
+ UPD No. 1:2015-07 + UPD No. 2:2016-04
CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 61010-2-010:2015
UL 61010-1:2012/R:2016-04
UL 61010-2-010:2015
EN 61010-1:2010
EN 61010-2-010:2014

1 Year
Gaskets not included

Oil-Free, Scroll Vacuum Pump
5.4 CFM  /  9.1 m3/hr
2 x 10-2 Torr / 20 mTorr
120V / 1ph (220V available)
Intake Connection KF-25
1/2″ Hose Barb Exhaust
L 14.72” x W 10.24” x H 10”
Weight 21 lbs

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