Twister T4 Trimming Machine

The Twister is the world's fastest medical cannabis trimmer, equipped with the industry's most advanced proprietary blade geometry to deliver the closest cut possible without damaging your harvest. The Twister T4, smaller than the original T2, uses advanced, patent-pending cannabis plant trimming technology to trim up to 10 lbs of medical marijuana per hour with one machine. Now available for wet or dry trimming. You can scale up production by adding conveyers or connecting three Twister T4s for greater production.



  • Red and silver Triminator Trimming Machine

    Designed for growers who prefer to trim dry, the Triminator Dry Trimming Machine has been specifically designed to be fast, quiet, and user-friendly. The ergonomic design makes the Triminator the most user friendly machine on the market.


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We Also Sell

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