Centurion HP3 Cannabis and Hemp Bucker


The process of removing cannabis or hemp flowers from their stems

Triminator BuckMaster Pro

Double Down on Productivity

The BuckMaster Pro makes stripping buds fast, intuitive, and efficient.  With two operator stations, the Pro offers industry-leading productivity for commercial cannabis and cbd hemp farms.


Powerful Performance


Up to 300lbs/hr

Double the production of traditional buckers with a production rate of up to 300lbs/hr.  With industry-leading torque and speed, the BuckMaster Pro can quickly process hundreds of pounds of cannabis or CBD hemp.


Triminator BuckMaster

A Commercial Bucker for Commercial Cannabis

The BuckMaster makes stripping cannabis and cbd hemp buds fast, intuitive, and efficient.  Best of all it can be upgraded to the Pro version with 2X the capacity when you need it.


Up to 150 Lbs/Hour

With industry-leading torque and speed, the BuckMaster can quickly process up to 150lbs per hour of cannabis or CBD hemp.


Non-Stop Performance

Twister B4 Bucker

Bucking cannabis on a large scale sucks. But it doesn’t have to. The Twister B4 ‘Bucker’ raises the bar on single piece flow by adding advanced, patent-pending cannabis bucking technology to your process flow, replacing the work that crews of 10-15 used to do by hand. Process up to 150+ lbs/hr (fully hydrated) with one unit!

Munch Machine Mother Bucker

The Munch Machine is the bucking machine you’ve been waiting for. Insert a stem in the appropriately sized die hole and the machine pulls it through, gently removing flowers from perfectly stripped stems. Variable speed control allows for versatility. Slow the machine down for damage-free bucking of carefully dried plants, or speed it up for rapid bucking of freshly harvested stems. One machine for all your bucking needs: wet or dry.



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