Triminator BuckMaster

A Commercial Bucker for Commercial Cannabis

The BuckMaster makes stripping cannabis and cbd hemp buds fast, intuitive, and efficient.  Best of all it can be upgraded to the Pro version with 2X the capacity when you need it.


Up to 150 Lbs/Hour

With industry-leading torque and speed, the BuckMaster can quickly process up to 150lbs per hour of cannabis or CBD hemp.


Non-Stop Performance

Designed with USA and German drive components and a 100% duty cycle, the BuckMaster delivers non-stop shucking performance for maximum uptime.


Power On Demand

The BuckMaster delivers loads of torque for non-stop bucking with capability to deliver power on demand the BuckMaster can easily strip stems up to 3/4″ dia.


Expansion Ready - 2X Your Productivity

Our patent-pending Smart Mod system allows you to double your productivity as you need it by adding additional operator station.


Perfect for Wet or Dry

Customize the BuckMaster to fit your harvesting process, with interchangeable harvest plates, one for wet, one for dry.


Infinite Speed Adjustment

Adjust speed as conditions demand with our infinite speed adjustment system.  


100% Washdown Rated

Washdown Rate – IP65 rated components are classified as dust-tight and protected from water projected from a nozzle, making them ready for quick and frequent cleaning.


GMP Compliant

With its thoughtful design and stainless steel and aluminum components, the BuckMaster is ready for any GMP facility.  


Tool-Free Disassembly

Tool-free disassembly allows crews to break the machine down in seconds, making your SOPs fast and easy.


Emergency Stop

Emergency Stop button in easy reach of the operator.


Lockout-Tagout Ready

The BuckMaster is ready for your standard operating procedures with Lockout-Tagout ready controls.


Ergonomic Design

Height adjustable to adapt to your process and operators.  Match to your trimmer or conveyor system.


Height 57 in

Width 41 in

Length 37 in

Weight 160 lbs

AC Voltage 120 V

Throughput 150 lbs/hr


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