Twister Conveyor


The biggest thing to happen to trimming since the Twister. Our conveyors will change the way you harvest forever.

FDA-Approved feed conveyor belt ensures fully compliant handling and movement of your flower.

Adjustable speed control allows you to adjust your load speeds to match your ideal output in lbs per hr.

Adjustable legs allow your setup to match your conditions, uneven floors or custom setups.

The Twister Conveyors makes it easy to ensure the machine is always trimming the right amount of flowers, hour after hour. No downtime. No lag.

Twister Conveyors are adjustable in height and a perfect match for both the Twister T2 and the Twister T4.

Adjustable speed control allows you to dial-in your conveyors to match your production speed.

The Twister QC Conveyor makes quality control a breeze by providing an unmatched ability to visually inspect, touch up or reject any flower.

Twister Conveyors work with both the Twister T2 and Twister T4 trimmers.

The Twister Feed Conveyor provides up to 30% improvement in load speed and consistency of trimming.


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