PolyScience DuraChill -10C 80C 13L 1.5HP Chiller w/ Turbine Pump

DuraChill® Recirculating Chillers

DuraChill Chillers provide cooling power for demanding applications and serve as an economical alternative to tap water cooling systems. All models feature a microprocessor-based controller, digital Temperature Display (°C or °F), one-touch set point display, and digital Pressure/Flow Rate Display (PSI, kPa, GPM, LPM) with push-Button selection. To optimize cooling efficiency and performance, these sophisticated Chillers also feature a modulated refrigeration system. As a result, temperature stability is greatly enhanced and compressor life extended.

Designed for high heat removal in demanding environments, our DuraChill® Chillers provide robust and reliable temperature control for closed, external systems such as pilot plants, medical diagnostic equipment, metalworking lasers, and plastic molding machines. These chillers are suitable for most applications with their many options and accessories.


High capacity cooling for lasers, electron microscopes, and other laboratory applications

Small footprint conserves floor space

Displays temperature and pressure or flow rate simultaneously

User-adjustable temperature, pressure, and flow rate alarms

Simple operation and maintenance

Air- or water-cooled

Positive displacement (PD) or turbine (T) pump; other pump options also available

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