Lab Society 20L Short Path Distillation Kit

Get the most out of your workspace!

Lab Society has produced multiple dual-headed distillation systems over the past several years.

Through this process, a variety of changes and improvements were necessary to continue to build larger systems with exceptional throughputs.

Our brand new 20L dual-head system has taken into account these improvements and is here to up your lab’s capability.

Up to 10-12 kg. of product per batch.

The 20L boiling flask holds up to 12L (10-12kg) of product per batch; This increase in surface area and volume (in addition to the new PDH-3V silvered distillation head with 40mm bore size) gives the 20L the power to output 1-2L per hour during the main body fraction.

Dual-headed distillation, double the output.

With two (2) distillation heads running simultaneously, the 20L has the ability to do 2-4L per hour output (and even more!) depending on runtime parameters.

Surprisingly small footprint.

We’ve managed to achieve significant upgrades in both output and efficiency while decreasing the total size of this kit. The result is the most powerful kit per square foot we’ve ever produced.

Prior dual-headed systems (5L and 12L legacy kits) took up excessive bench space and required significant lengths of tubing/hose to connect both sides. As a result, a variety of issues presented themselves.

Greater efficiency, simplified design.

Here are some common issues with other large-format distillation kits:

build up of residue in tubing (causing flow issues and drops in efficiency)

one head running faster than the other (due to variable lengths in tubing)

and unequal heating of the heads (due to the top mantle having a seam at one of the distillation heads)

Our 20L system offers solutions to nearly all of these issues:

Full-bore Only Design – no tubing/hoses for vacuum connections anywhere on the system

Utilizes air condenser to create an area of pressure drop prior to exiting to the Y-Manifold

Maximizes molecular flow conductivity from condensers through the cold trap

KF25 Flexible Y-Manifold:

Eliminates variability in distance to vacuum pump

Shrinks benchtop space down to the size of a 12L system

Single KF25 connection to cold trap/vacuum pump

High conductance of molecular flow from both sides of the system into the cold trap

Ability to achieve high-vacuum levels within the system due to conductance

Dual Heads Running in Parallel, Rather Than Opposing:

Simple tee connections for condensers, short lengths of hose

Lattice rack runs through the center of system, creating a “mirror” setup

Seam on Top Mantle Located on the Back, Away from Distillation Heads

No variance in top mantle heating area surrounding each distillation head

Additional key features:

As long as the system is level from front to back (a view from the side is necessary), heads will run within a few degrees of each other – so no more playing with one head going faster than the other.

Dual-point vacuum sensing – one on the system, one at the pump

You can now see the variance between system pressure and pump pressure, to determine cold trap efficiency and pump integrity.

A single-point vacuum measurement on the system gives more accurate pressure measurement.

Simple vacuum release on one of the distillation heads

Swing arm usability via utilizing extra clamps – to mount 5L recovery flasks upwards during the start of distillation for primary fractions

The condenser GL caps and boiling flask Rodaviss caps are now rated for high temperatures up to 250°C.

Compatibility with Modular Condenser Kits (MCK) for secondary separations, etc.

EliteLab Compatibility:

Not only that, but this kit is fully compatible with our EliteLab Automation Software!

TCM-1 (Temperature Controller/Monitor) for product temperature control, ramping, etc.

DTM-2 (Digital Temperature Monitor – Dual) for monitoring vapor temperature in both distillation heads simultaneously; can set alarms for setpoints with an audible beep

PVM-2 (Precision Vacuum Monitor – Dual) for 2-point vacuum monitoring of system pressure and pump pressure

Requirements & Accessories System Parameters
Pair with: CRVpro16, 24, 30 ; E2M28/30 ;
Rotary Vane Pump, Min. 8 CFM
Min. Ultimate pressure 150 MICRON/MTORR
Pair with: CD-200F, MX07R, SD07R, AD07R
Pair with: LS-CTK-2HE, LS-CTK-C, T40, T80,
IP-60, IP-80, IP-100
Manual: Dry Ice with Isopropanol or Acetone;
Immersion or Dewar Style
1800w, 115V, 15.7 amps.
EU. 1800w, 230V, 7.8 amps
24w, 110-240V
Range: 0.7 mTorr to 800 Torr

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