Debudder Bucket Lid

Original 420 Brand introduces the DeBudder Bucket Lid™, designed to save you significant time and money on the debudding process. This product has been scientifically engineered to handle any size and shape stem, is built from a solid one piece design, is easy to clean, and does not damage the buds!

Up to 80% time savings

Compare the time savings you will gain when ditching the hand trimmers and using the DeBudder Bucket Lid.  On average our customers have reported up to 80% time savings.

Pays for itself in 30 minutes

Each time you use the DeBudder Bucket Lid™ it will save you money!

Does not damage buds

Our scientifically designed DeBudder Bucket Lid™ has been engineered to not damage the buds.  See for yourself!

Step 1

Snap DeBudder Bucket Lid onto standard 5 gallon bucket.

Step 2

Cut stems into approximately 2 ft lengths.

Step 3

While holding bottom of stem, place top of stems inside bucket and find appropriatele sized notch.

Step 4

With a firm grip, quickly pull stems upwards in one smooth motion. The buds fall gently into the bucket. Empty bucket as needed.


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