Cooljarz Precision Cartridge Filling Machine

Cooljarz™ A-10 Cartridge Filler is a compact precision filling machine for oils and concentrates. Fill any cartridge, vape pen or syringe, mess-free, with as little waste as possible.

Anodized Aluminum Alloy - All machine structural and oil storage components manufactured from Aircraft 6061 aluminum alloy. Hard anodized electric blue in color for easy cleaning.

Run Small or Large Batches - Our machine can run batches as small as 50 ml or as large as 950 ml.

Precision Stepper Motor - Extreme accuracy to within .02 ml / .02 grams.

Mess-Free Filling Any Viscosity Oil - Machine operates without any need for compressed air or external pressure pots. No more unwanted drips.

Easy To Read Touch Screen - Adjust your shot size, product counter, and manual cycle / purge button.

Compact Size for Small Work Areas - Fully inclusive with all machine components in a small 2 foot by 2 foot table-top work area.

Adjustable Packaging Product Nest - Fill just about any cartridge, Cooljarz child-resistant CRringe or other small oil vials. Packaging nest can be custom-fitted to your exact needs. One machine can run multiple forms of packaging for a small one-time engineering charge.

Waste-Free Oil Tray - A secondary lower oil tray to keep product within the oil wetted surfaces to a minimum.

Total Product Purge Clean Out - In as little as three cycles you can keep wasted oil product to a minimum. Oil intake to injection point is less than 1.500 inches.

Internal Heating Element - Oil storage bowl is heated internally with low pressure food-safe heat transfer fluid.

Displacement Piston with High Temp. Food-Grade Seals - All valves and the product displacement cylinder / piston assembly is made from 18/8 stainless steel. Pistons can be cleaned and purged with isopropyl alcohol.

Variable Cycle Times - Part to part cycle time based on operator. 3 seconds per part achieved during time trials with .5 ml to 1 ml fill weights. Cycle is started when packaging product contacts with fill nozzle.

Adjustable Shot Size - Fill products with a minimum of .02 ml or a maximum of 1.10 ml using the touch screen.

Includes Tool Kit - 1 Six-in-one screwdriver, 1 Upper Valve, 2 Lower Valves, 1 5/16" Mini Box Wrench CoolJarz, 1 Upper Valve Puller ( Yellow Thumb Screw ), 1 Tank Plug, 1 Bulkhead, 10 Needle & Valve Buna Face Seals, 5 Silicone Upper O Rings, 1 3/16” Allen Wrench, 1 5/32” Allen Wrench , 1 Needle Starter Kit ( .050” Dia. Needle, .070” Dia. Needle, and Flat Oval Needle)

Warranty & Support - Warranty of all electronics is one year if not abused and operated within the operators manual. We fully support our purchased machines. We can answer questions by phone, email, and via our Youtube video series of Frequently Asked Questions.


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