CF-1000 Terpene Cold Trap



Vacuum Purging

During solvent extraction, vacuum purging is an essential process in producing a high quality end product. Due to the low vacuum pressure and heat required to remove residual solvents, some terpenes are also removed in the process. Without a Terpene Trap, the terpenes enter the vacuum pump where they degrade and cause damage. Our food grade Terpene Traps condense and preserve these terpene vapors as liquid before they enter the vacuum pump. These terpenes can then be consumed and/or reintroduced in post processes.


Since high temperatures are required to decarboxylate large amounts of terpenes are lost to the atmosphere. Our Terpene Traps collect these volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in a food grade environment.


Terpenes are soluble in most solvents. Some Terpenes vaporize with the solvent as it's reclaimed from the collection vessel and end up back in the solvent tank. Terpene Traps can separate them from the solvent vapor stream. 

The CF-1000 is specifically designed to capture terpenes during vacuum purging, steam distillation, solvent distillation, or decarboxylation. It's easy to use plug and play operation, Teflon coating, and digital temperature control make it the best choice to reclaim and isolate your terpenes.


Product Features

Reclaim valuable terpenes, hydrosol, and other volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Tested to UL Standards

Food grade materials, 1 year warranty, Made in the USA

Comes with 50 mL terpene recovery flask, sight glass removal tool, foam sight glass insulator, replacement Viton o-rings, and user manual.

Space-conserving counter top design.

Lab grade stainless steel enclosure.

In-process isolation and draining for non-stop operation. Stainless steel Parker drain valve with stainless intake and exhaust ball valves allow for continuous non-stop operation.

50 mL internal condensate capacity.

Stainless steel KF-25 intake and exhaust vacuum fittings with centering rings and clamps included.

Viton seals provide high resistance to temperature and chemicals.

Specialized hydrophobic coating produces maximum condensate collection and chemical resistance.

Large LED lit borosilicate sight glass allows for visual inspection.

Push-button temperature control. Easily dial in and monitor temperature with dual digital display. 

Plug & play operation. Simply connect hoses, turn on and set temperature.

Provide back-flow prevention and achieve deeper vacuum levels.

Extend the life of your vacuum pump by keeping terpenes from entering the pump where they condense and cause damage.


Product Specifications


Type:Terpene Trap ™

Dimensions:12" Wide X 17" Tall X 15" Deep

Weight:30 Pounds

Exterior:Stainless Steel

Application:Capture Terpenes and/or Hydrosol

Voltage:115 Volts / 60HZ (Click here for 220V)

Watts:275 Watts

Amperage:2.4 Amps

Compressor Operating Power:1/6 hp

Compressor Certifications:UL, CUL

* Minimum Temperature:-20 °F (-29 °C) 

Internal Condensate Capacity:50 mL

Operating Pressure0.005-2,500 Torr (.0001 - 50 psi)


Refrigerant Type:Eco-Friendly R-134A 

Display Type:Watlow Dual Digital PID Temperature Controller

Drain Type:3/8" Hose Barb

Intake/Exhaust Type:KF-25

Condensate Warmer:YES

Removable Sight Glass:YES

Serviceable O-Ring:YES

Continuous Operation:YES

LED Lighting:YES

Safety Features:

Thermally Protected Compressor

50 psi Pressure Relief Valve

Sealing Material:Viton

Terpene Trap Material:Specialized hydrophobic coated Aluminum

Sight Glass Material:3/4" Borosilicate Glass

Pipes, Fittings, and Valves Material:Stainless Steel

Auxiliary Terpene Container:50 mL Borosilicate Flask

Country of Manufacture:USA

Warranty:1 Year

  * Value based on 50F ambient temperature



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