Short Path Distillation

Summit Research Short Path Distillation Kit 2.1 Packable

Summit Research offers a customizable 5L short path distillation system that allows you to piece together a kit designed for your specific needs.

The custom kits include :

  • SPD-2 Legacy 2 Liter
  • 1x 2 Liter Mantle
  • 1x 2l-2n-#34
  • 1x spd-2 legacy
  • 2x #29 monocow
  • 2x rf-500/1000
  • 1x ct-1 complete cold trap kit
  • 1x dv-1 distillation valve
  • 1x krytox high vacuum grease gpl 207
  • 14/40 stopper, 24/40 thermo adpater
  • lifetime warranty

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